AiMedia positivo per sito

Thanks to the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, AiMedia develops innovative text writing and editorial content production services, giving authoral support to content creators.


Startup per sito 3a edizione2

Code RTD wants to fight digital piracy by collecting legal evidence of copyright infringement and by preventing illegal sharing of multimedia contents on video-sharing platforms and on social networks.

Code RTD

Paolo Costanzo and Loris Dedamiani

Muni is the app that gives to fans their Music Soul. A virtual colorful sphere that responds to their listening behavior.


Lorenzo Flavi, Simone Gialletti, Luca Perini, Matteo Gialletti

Stargraph is a digital platform to engage true fans creating new business opportunities for the entertainment industry


Michele Imbimbo and Ursula De Masi
Startup per sito 3a edizione3

AR Market creates ``gamified`` experiences powered by immersive AR/VR technology, reshaping the world of Education, Entertainment and Events.

AR Market

Andrea Baldini

Ipervox is a SaaS company that allows businesses to integrate Voice Applications, powering the customer experience and business ROI.


Juxhin Radhima
Startup per sito 3a edizione

Finding out locations, events and purchase tickets, has never been so easy!

Night Citizen

Alessandro Angeli and Nigal Ranieri

With its Music Learning Revolution, Visual Note revolutionizes the world of music learning, allowing everyone to play immediately

Visual Note

Vincenzo Maresca

Brots is an app to discover new tracks and friends with your musical taste. Swipe left/right/up on tracks to get better suggestions


Alessandro Marin and Lorenc Miri

Karaoke One is the community of music lovers! It unleashes the power of apps to create music covers with a karaoke experience

Karaoke One

Antonio Vecchio

TILE is an innovative cloud collaboration platform that redefines the modern audio production workflow and large-scale creation


Keivan Djafari Zad, Stefano Andreani, Christian Bertoia
vocally increases online accessibility automating web content conversion into high quality natural voices


Marco Addante

The digital platform for Active Agers Over 60: an experience hub offering tailored content, products and services because life has no age.


Maurizio De Palma

Lumiere is the trusted marketplace for safer movies and entertainment IP investments

Lumiere Project

Patrice Poujol
Startup per sito 3a edizione4

Mu5ic allows anyone to play together with other people (known or unknown) remotely, without connection lags. It consists of two elements, the mobile app and an external device for musicians.


Startup per sito 3a edizione

Through the miniaturization and control of each element of the drink, Drype aspires to provide each customer with a quality product able to reduce the carbon footprint of a drink by decreasing the weights and volume transported and stocked.